Freddy & Hicks 2016


The Veggie Table at Borough Market 2006
The Kitchen Table Cafe 2010

Ten years ago - as new vegetarians - Adam & I decided to start a street food business at Borough Market in London selling really tasty veggie burgers made by hand with local seasonal ingredients; something that was lacking on the food scene at the time. We developed some great recipes over the years and took them to numerous markets and festivals around the country - even popping up on the menu in British Airways' 1st Class! We left London for the coast and went on to open The Kitchen Table; a seaside cafe/restaurant in Mumbles. Having then had two young children in fairly quick succession, our priorities and ambitions for our business and young family shifted again, which saw us moving to Glasgow, where we are happily settled and here to stay.


The original market stall is still in Borough Market and going strong. It is now under new management, renamed Big V, and you'll often see Adam's older sons behind the stall, keeping a little bit of what we started in the family.


In January 2016 we decided to go vegan as a family and as a business. We 'veganised' our favourite meals at home and created some new recipes for our pop-ups and market stalls here in Glasgow, trying to make them so delicious that we didn't miss cheese or eggs. It was a fascinating transformation. Adam and our youngest son found it pretty easy and are still vegan to this day, but being gluten-free I began to struggle for variety after a year or so.


Freddy & Hicks is as much about my journey with food - as a person, a cook and a mum - as it is about the end product you taste from our stalls, and so I want to be truthful about my dietary experiments and what does and doesn't work for me. I found that adopting a predominantly plant-based diet with the occasional addition of well-sourced eggs and dairy products is an approach to eating that my family can all stick to for the long-term, conscious always of our impact upon the planet. You'll see this philosophy reflected in what we offer - mostly vegan food, with the odd veggie-friendly exception! As food writer Michael Polan puts it, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

Vegan Burgers for adults & kids
Feeding the family!